Maintaining high relative humidity levels for perishables is essential to their well-being. The higher the RH% is, the less water and saleable weight will be lost from produce, meat, seafood and deli products. This is always a challenge since refrigeration systems constatnly remove water from produce and flowers.


KES offers a complete line of high quality humidity systems to help maintain product integrity in refrigerated warehouses, storage rooms, ripening rooms and service display cases. We pay special attention to the optimum RH requirements for different perishable categories. Reducing dehydration means reducing shrink!

Cold Storage Humidity

The patented, ultra-fine vapor emission creates optimum relative humidity levels without soaking produce or flowers and without wetting floors or walls. The result is longer lasting, healthy products.

  • Produce and Floral Applications
  • Refrigerated Storage Rooms and Warehouses
  • Ripening Rooms
  • Photography Labs
  • Animal Care
  • Evaporative Cooling

Service Case Humidity

Reducing moisture loss means reducing weight loss and that provides fresher, more appealing products. The results are higher profits from meat, seafood and deli departments.

KES offers the most versatile line of humidity systems available for the refrigerated service case, including the MistWise Series Service Case Humidity Systems and the new Service Case Humidity Fogger. Custom designs are available to fit the needs of any type of case.

  • Reduce shrink by Doubling the Shelf Life!
  • Longer Shelf Life Means More Profits!
  • Return on Investment average 12 weeks!
  • Maintains proper relative humidity of up to 95%!
  • Vapor shield greatly reduces dehydration.
  • Energy savings from evaporative cooling!


  • Meat
  • Seafood
  • Deli
  • Floral