MistWise - Raising The Standard

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The MistWise line of produce misting, humidity control and related equipment for supermarkets is the most operational cost-saving equipment available.

KES® Produce Misting systems pay for themselves not only by increasing dollars spent in the produce department, but by reducing labor costs and shrinkage. The return on investment (ROI) can be realized in just weeks. They also eliminate the need for ice. The 24-hour timer helps reduce labor hours spent by up to 700 hours a year!

KES offers the most versatile line of humidity systems available for refrigerated service case, including the MistWise Series Service Case Humidity System and the new Service Case Humidity Fogger. Custom designs are available to fit the needs of any type of case. Reducing moisture loss means reducing weight loss and that provides fresher, more appealing products. The results are higher profits from meat, seafood and deli departments.