Automatic Outdoor Watering Systems

KES Automatic outdoor Watering Systems eliminate labor hours currently being used manually watering outdoor plants. By providing consistent and thorough watering to outdoor merchandising areas, they reduce the amount of plants that are thrown away from lack of water.

  • Save up to 30 hours a week!
  • Stop Hand Watering Outdoor Plants
  • Reduce shrink by 40% or more!
  • Plants last longer and sell better
  • ROI in 12 weeks or one season
  • Labor Savings + Shrink Reduction = Quick ROI!


  • Allows time to Increase Inside Sales
  • Provides Consistent Watering Even On Days Off
  • The solution to under-staffing problems
  • Competitive edge against "Superstore" competition
  • Custom designs to fit all sidewalk applications
  • Attractive, low profile water delivery system
  • Reduce water usage by as much as 30%
  • Creates a safer workplace with no bulky hoses
  • Is low maintenance and self-flushing/winterizing
  • Pre-mist signal available